Leogang World Cup Finals – Photo Fix

Despite the concerns and grumbles over this years Leogang course, the finals served us up some top notch and very tight racing. Finals Photo Fix time!

Results – Leogang Finals 2017

Another World Cup wrapped and it was a pretty decent world cup with some tight racing. Full results and championship standings right here

Leogang Qualifying – Photo Fix

Qualifying is all wrapped up. Another glorious day on the mountain. Check out our Photo Fix from day 2 of the Leogang World Cup

Leogang Qualifying Results

Qualifying done and dusted. Check out who finished where and whose going to be rolling down last tomorrow.

Leogang World Cup- Practice Photo Fix

Suns out big guns out. The Leogang course, though not much of a challenge, has given us the chance to capture some moves in our Practice Photo Fix

Pit Chat Vol. 2 – What’s up with Leogang?

Leogang has turned out to be a bit of a controversial track and not in a particularly good way. Check out what the riders really think about the course in our Pit Chat Vol.2

Leogang 2017 – Track Walk PhotoFix

No soon as the dust has just about settled in Fort William we're off walking the track in Leogang. Time for round 3 and Track Walk time