Transition Bikes 2018 Line Up

As a rider owned company we obsess about making and riding bikes that make us better riders and allow us to have more fun on the trail. The entirely redesigned GiddyUp trail bike lineup isn’t about just adding a couple new bike industry standards like boost and metric shocks, it’s about taking a holistic approach to creating a bike that changes the way riders connect with their bike. Our new 2018 bikes started with a clean slate and new approach to bike geometry we call SBG (Speed Balanced Geometry) that puts the rider in a more balanced position on the bike which improves traction and control at all speeds. Our main focus with the updates was to maintain the ride feel of each model while simultaneously pressing the enhance button a few times.

In addition to integrating our SBG system on all existing models, we’ve added the Sentinel to our lineup. The Sentinel fit’s nicely between the Scout and Patrol in travel range, and is capable of being used in the same manner of both bikes depending on your preference for travel and wheelsize. The Patrol, Scout, and Smuggler feature increased travel, optimized pedaling performance, additional size options, and ton of new features to create our most capable lineup to date.

A variety of RockShox and Fox fork models featuring SBG offsets will be available for purchase with SBG framesets.

New models will be available fall of 2017

Transition Bikes introduces Speed Balanced Geometry

Transition Bikes introduces Speed Balanced Geometry from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

“Following extensive back-to-back testing I can confidently say that Transition’s SBG-equipped bikes will likely lead the next wave in the continued evolution of bicycle geometry. They provide such an intuitive and controlled experience that my riding game goes up a few notches. That’s real progress.” – BRANDON TURMAN / Product Editor at Vital MTB

“I’ve been hurt before. Left flat when I needed support. It’s given me trust issues when railing certain types of turns, but SBG helped give me the confidence to learn to love again.” – TRAVIS ENGEL / BIKE MAG

“With trail conditions alternating between braking bumps, bomb holes and ball bearings, No Joke was a tough first run on the Transition Sentinel. I was just surviving. As we dropped into some of the fresh lines on Creekside the bike began to sing. On our last trail, which was all slabs and exposure, the planted feeling gave me the confidence to dive into some full pucker lines. I’m keen to get some more time on an SBG bike to find out what it can do on my home trails.” – CAM MCRAE / NSMB

29″ / 160mm FRONT 140mm REAR / ALLOY FRAME

27.5″ / 170mm FRONT 160mm REAR / ALLOY FRAME

27.5″ / 150mm FRONT 130mm REAR / ALLOY FRAME

29″ / 140mm FRONT 120mm REAR / ALLOY FRAME

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