Team Ride It Out at Llangollen BDS

The Ride It Out team rocked up at Llangollen BDS last weekend for the penultimate round of the British Downhill series. Check out what they thought and how it went down in these photos and video…

Ride it outEms explaining what happened to Will in his high speed race run crash! Or Will isn’t happy with Ems new hair do?  Ems and Meinir’s dog Betsan, does not like jet washes! The team is running some trick kit this year! Sixth Element Wheels on Hope Hubs, using One Up Components 7 Speed reducer kit, that’s more CNC than you can shake a stick at!

Will Hart-1st Expert (8th Elite)

“It’s refreshing to ride a new track on the British National circuit! For seeding, I finished first by over 2 seconds on dry track with heaps of grip. Although, about an hour before finals the heavens decided to open causing the track to be pretty greasy in areas! I managed to slide down the hill in finals to take the win in Expert! Stoked!”

Will Dominated the Expert class abroad his Orange 324

Ahhhh ain’t he cute?? Even our O’neal jersey’s match the trophy!

Emyr Davies – DNF
“This weekend was rad!  We had so much fun in Practice. Plus tracks like this are what the 324 is made for; steep, fast and loose terrain! I was loving it!
I managed 3rd in seeding which is a career best for me. To be honest I was so chilled out about the whole race, I was just enjoying having fun on my bike.
Although it pissed it down in my race run I rode the same, and was on pace as I was 3rd at the split. But a 30mph understeer across a slippery wet wooden drop led to an over the bars ended it all! Luckily I only ended up with a sprained wrist, as I got flung and rag dolled a good 50ft!
Turns out after speaking to the organiser, that the grip paint had worn off throughout the weekend, and there was nothing left come finals! I’m gutted to have thrown away a result, but you have to roll the dice sometimes…. I guess I’ll just take more care with wooden features next time!
I’m still really happy to show the pace is there, and cant wait for the final round!
Thanks to all of the team’s sponsors, Bikes and Kit were on fire all weekend!”Ems speed tuckin’ her in!

It was this bridge that caught Ems out in his race run.

Louis Meade- 6th Expert

“Llangollen was certainly an exciting race with a new track at a well renowned venue!
Went for a track walk Friday evening and certainly liked what I saw! The track seemed to have a bit of everything from flat out with jumps to steep, technical sections!
The heavens opened and the rain came for finals, myself and the rest of the riders had to guess to conditions (I might have misjudged the grip slightly!!). Unfortunately I came off track after one of the technical sections and made a few to many mistakes! Ended up 6th in Expert.
All in all I had an amazing weekend with the team riding an awesome track and can’t wait for some more of it!! “

Check out the team’s video from the round….

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