SKS Track Pump & Tubeless Head Set – First Look

There are so many track pumps to choose from these days, how do you choose which one you want? I guess many of you will have a favoured brand, you’ve used their pumps for years and brand loyalty (consciously or not) will keep you going back. You’ve got expensive ones with wooden handles etc, you’ve got ones from cheap German supermarkets. Lets see how these offerings from SKS handle the job……

SKS Airworx Plus 10.0 Floor Pump –

We’ve just received these from SKS distributers Zyro Fisher, lets have a quick look before giving them a go fitting some new tyres.

At 730mm, it’s taller than it’s predecessor, making it easier on the back and giving more volume per stroke.

‘Made in Germany’ – Words which most associate with quality these days. In this case that would appear to be correct.

Specs –

  • Material – Metal/Plastic (although mostly metal)
  • Colour – Black
  • Valve – AV, SV, DV
  • Max Output – 10 bar, 144PSI
  • Height – 730mm

Maybe only a minor detail but with a higher mounted gauge, it’s easier to read over one mounted near the floor. It also includes a pressure release button, making it easy to reduce the pressure as you wish.

With a 5 year warranty period, you’d hope it should last pretty well.

SKS TL-Tubeless Head-Set –

As with track pumps, there are lots of new devices available to help assist with seating tubeless tyres. Yes, sometimes they seat fine but more often than not, they don’t. This neat little number from SKS works inline with their track pumps but with the additions of a CO2 canister to give it that extra boost. Once this is fitted it still works as a regular pump head, without having to use the CO2.

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