Shelter bike protection tape

Shelter bike protection tape is now available in the UK, check out how tough this stuff is…

Shelter bike protection products are now available in the UK thanks to Upgrade Bikes, read a little more on this multi layer acrylic tape below, and watch the video to see just how well it would protect your beloved steed.

“Shelter tape has been developed for a specific purpose, to dissipate impact energy on surfaces. Protection tapes currently on the market protect against scratching and abrasion, Shelter does this as well as providing impact protection, vital for protecting Carbon and thin walled alloy frames.

Shelter tape is about three times thicker than other tapes. It is a formulated elastomeric acrylic compound. Shelter’s multi layers provides unique energy absorbing properties. Impacts are dissipated through two axes spreading load vertically and horizontally at each layer crossing. The acrylic is very quick to rebound, ready for the next hit!

A multi-layer acrylic elastomeric compound, it has high resilience , dissipate the impacts energy on two axes, each layer spread loads vertically and horizontally, the impact energy decreases at each layer crossing !!! surface come smooth quickly ready to work again , it has good abrasion and puncture resistance as well It’s transparent , do not hide graphics, do not yellowing, it’s conformable can be applied easily even on medium 3D surfaces no need to heat it operating temperature range -30° C / + 130° C

Shelter Tape is available as:

1m x 54mm
£ 23.99

1x Down Tube (340mm x 50mm wide)
1x Chain Stay (275mm x 35mm wide)
1x Top Tube/ Head Tube (80mm x 45mm Deep)
4x Cable patch (35mm ø)

5m x 54mm
£ 54.99

Great places to use Shelter:
Underside of down tubes – specifically Carbon MTB frames
Lightweight road frames that are air travelling a lot
Chainstays, Head tubes and Top tubes, prevents cable abrasion and slapping, reduces chance of denting damage.
Car fog lights / Motor bike headlights etc.”

See how the tape performs under extreme conditions:


We have some Shelter Tape on test soon, so will give you a full lowdown on it in due course. But if you can’t wait for that, then get in touch with your favourite Upgrade dealer to get your hands on some Shelter Tape.


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