Norway & Traktor Bike Park – Slutten

Chris Lazenby has wrapped up his trip to Norway and what a trip it was.

The Traktor Bike Park hosted the latest round of the 80/20 Norwegian national enduro series. We’ve been looked after by Peter who owns the farm and the land where the bike park is based.


It’s a great park, with varied terrain and it’s about as far removed from a UK trail centre as you can get. Fantastic and challenging terrain for any accomplished rider.


It’s been a beautiful place to spend the last few days and an amazing venue for a race. It’s not the highest mountain but the trails use the hill well and the scenery is stunning.


The trails do vary with some flowing single track but in the main, they are rocky, very rocky. Unfortunately we didn’t get time to fully explore the park (next time) but we did see glimpses of jump lines and a lot of north-shore.


The trails do make great use of the natural features, large rocks are often integrated into the trail, with aid of north-shore for getting on/off.


This is one of the more playful sections of the park that was used in the race, a choice of three drops into a long wall-ride. The lowest of the three drops obviously being the right choice for the race.


With the final stage finishing just feet from the edge of the Fjord, it had to be used for a post-practice/race cool off.


The race was quite a different atmosphere to in the UK, relaxed but still in a competitive and serious way. Having time off in the middle of the day for lunch was very civilised. The system of just having each stage open for a certain amount of time also allowed you to ride with your buddies. For some reason here though, there were no huge queues like I experience back at home races.


On our final day we though it would be a good idea to wind down and relax with an epic big mountain ride. We drove out to meet one of Peter’s friends at his little log cabin up in the hills, from there we made it up into the mountains.


As with any mountain area, the ever changing weather gave us brief glimpses of the view, here’s Alun making this most of this opportunity.


Our host Peter also enjoying the view, currently about half way to the summit.


Our shelter at the top was provided by this, military radar station. Apparently we were lucky as the door to the small hut on the side had been blown off so we could grab a bit to eat out of the wind.


Inside we dined on a range of local delicacies, ranging from bacon cheese to, still unknown, meat.


This was at the bottom of one of the descents, we thought the bike park was rocky, this was something else. Two of the punctures from the day being repaired before we negotiated the next snow section.


On our last night we enjoyed more traditional food, Sour Cream Porridge with local meats and we sampled local ales. This Damp ale goes back to when boats used to regularly use the fjord for transportation.


We had the delight of a great sunset (until sunrise about two hours later) on the last night, to round off a great trip.


That’s it for our trip to Norway, unfortunately. I will be back though, fitter and stronger, to try and give those locals a bit more of a challenge.

To see more information about Traktor Bike Park, check out their FB page – Traktor-Bike-Park



From myself, Carl, Phil, Michael and Alun, a huge thank you to our hosts Peter and Gunvor for looking after us so well and treating us like family. I’d like to say we’ll try to eat and drink less next time but I can’t promise that. Lazy out.

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