MRP Launch Control Cartridge for Fox 36 & New Chainguide


MRP Ramp Control Cartridge – Fox 36, Version D

For 2016 and newer Fox 36 Float forks with the FIT 4, RC2, and Grip dampers. This new model goes beyond our previous offerings and includes parts to convert the stock air-spring into an independent positive and negative chamber arrangement similar to the FulFill™ spring found in the MRP Ribbon and 2017 Stage forks. Once installed, you can now vary the pressure in the two chambers; increasing the negative spring rate to improve small bump sensitivity (a common complaint with the stock spring). This, in addition to the control you have over bottom-out and ending-stroke performance, gives you a radically more sophisticated air-spring that’s incredibly straightforward to tune and adjust.

About Ramp Control

The MRP Ramp Control Cartridge allows you to unlock hidden performance gains from your current fork without messing around with tokens. Tokens aren’t friendly to on-trail experimentation and tuning. With Ramp Control you have 16 clicks of adjustment at the top of the left leg. This enables you to find your base setting in one ride on your favorite trail, then adjust on-the-go depending on what type of trail you’re riding.

Volume spacers used by competing brands change the shape of the air-spring’s curve throughout the entire travel range. The Ramp Control Cartridge affects only the ending stroke spring curve. Its damping effect is dependent on speed. This portion of the curve represents intense, sharp hits like landing a sizeable drop or plowing through a rock garden. Without Ramp Control, your fork’s behavior has been compromised by your desired feel elsewhere in the stroke. This handy upgrade allows you to tune the general feel of your fork through its air-pressure and damper settings, then isolate the ramp effect to big-hit performance and bottom-out.

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MSRP $179.95

This model is available immediately through Art’s Cyclery, Jenson USA, Universal Cycles, Worldwide Cyclery, direct from MRP, and soon to be available through your local bike shop. If your local shop doesn’t carry MRP, make sure to ask them to!


NEW 1x CS Chainguide

The new 1x CS (Core Series) brings our 20+ years of chainguide expertise to a new price point. Taking design cues from our class-leading V3 family of 1x guides, the CS model utilizes a stiff and light glass-filled composite backplate and durable nylon upper guide to add major security to 1×10, 11 or 12 speed drivetrains at minor cost. We’ve tested several backplate material formulations and zeroed in on a proprietary mix that delivers the high level of retention and security befitting the MRP name. Cost has been contained without short-cutting when it comes to performance and quality, but rather through the removal of a few of the trappings found on our premium line.

Suitable for all-around trail riding or cross-country and enduro racing, the 1x CS is worthwhile insurance against the dropped chain that can ruin rides and races.

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MSRP $39.95

Available and shipping now.

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