Looking Back – Fort William World Cup Photo Fix

Fort William 2017

The 2017 season so far has been all about change, bikes, teams, and some track changes, also with Peaty not racing it still feels odd, saying that its all about racing at the end of the day and Peaty is still in the game so it be.

Each year the UCI World Cup graces the mountain side of Fort William and it’s mighty Nevis Range, a track that doesn’t need an introduction, an old track that still claims the best in the world along with their bikes and it’s still one of the best for testing new prototypes. New additions to the old girl is a fast ‘’moto’’ style part of the track and fair play to the track builders and the logistics that went into this beauty in a very sort time of 5/6 weeks!!.

In no particular order, here is a catch up on the Fort William World Cup rd2.

fort william


Thats another Fort William World Cup recap for another year and each time it grows bigger and better, so thats a wrap from this end, see you all on the again soon.

Photos and Words By Brett Tree Shelfer Check out his Blog here

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