Eurobike 16 – ION

ION at Eurobike 2016 –

I have a few ION products on test already (reviews coming soon) and I’m a huge fan. A lot of their clothing range, although designed for riding, is great for wearing day to day too. It’s all well made and looks pretty spot on too. I’m looking forward to trying some of these new bits soon.


ION have branched out into the footwear market with these two new models, the Raid AMP and the Rascal. The Raid being for flat pedals and the Rascal for clipless.

Raid_AMP features –

  • Ankle_Pad
  • Jet_Stream
  • No-Sew_Reinforcement
  • Toetal_Protection
  • 2K_Insole
  • Suptraction_Rubber Sole

Eurobike2016.Thursday.Afternoon.ION-2 Eurobike2016.Thursday.Afternoon.ION-3

The Rascal has similar features to the Raid but is designed for clipless pedals. The metal shank to improve stiffness doesn’t run the whole length of the sole, only the centre portion. This increases stiffness where you need it but allows movement to aid comfort while walking.

Eurobike2016.Thursday.Afternoon.ION-4 Eurobike2016.Thursday.Afternoon.ION-5

I’ve been a huge fan of these padded socks for a couple of years now, it’s not a huge amount of padding but it certainly helps when you slip a pedal or you encounter pesky rocks. They’ve been redesigned this year, a little extra padding, split into three sections for more flexibility.


K_Lite R – designed in conjunction with 2015 Enduro World Champion, Richie Rude. To reduce weight and increase breathability the pad is made from memory foam. Little touches of Yeti blue from Richie to keep things looking fresh. As these are using the memory foam, instead of SAS-Tec with a hard shell, the flexibility is increased which makes for less resistance while pedalling. Eurobike2016.Thursday.Afternoon.ION-11

The Snug_Loops help keep the pads in place and these are backed up with velcro strap at the top to help insure a perfect fit.


Lots of new colours across the gloves range.


New colours with the pads too, including this rather fetching burgundy.


We have a little extra padding here on the K_Pact_Amp, with the reinforcement being extended around to the sides. The addition of the side zipper make putting the pads on and taking them off very easy.


ION have branched out into the baselayer market now, both male and female versions available and in a range of sleeve lengths.

I’m hoping to be getting some of these bits on test soon so watch this space……

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