Eurobike 12 – Totally Euro

In our years of all kinds of trips to mainland Europe we have always taken time to appreciate the way the Europeans like to do things a little different to us boring Brits. They like bright colours & all things out of the ordinary, and this year at Eurobike was no exception. We haven’t posted the majority of our Euro photos yet, but after recovering from the week that was Eurobike, we have brought together some of of the best for you all to see.

BrakeForceOne are a German brand, making disc brakes that offer no real ‘biting point’, as well as transparent hoses. Obviously great when bleeding your brakes, but we’re not sold on these out on the trail. But they’re stoked on them.

Electric bikes & downhill bikes really aren’t 2 things that should ever cross paths, but more & more brands are combining the 2, including this burly looking Conway.

This Velotraum really is the ultimate do-everything/do-nothing-well bike. It has potential to work well wherever you use is, and if you’re looking to own just 1 bike in your life, then this could be the one. Electric Shimano Alfine hub gear, and a nice bright paintjob.

We’re not sold on these helmets, they’re probably comfy, and offer a great level of protection, but that paintjob!?

Every year at Eurobike, bike brand Kelly’s paint topless girls. And every year Rob insists on getting his photo taken with them…

These guys make saddles, and will support your manhood too.

Want to stand out from the crown in a race? There’s no better way to do it than in cowboy & indian lycra! If there is, then please let us know!

Ridley put togther this tropical paintjob for a rider in the Hawaii Ironman triathlon. You dig?

To stand out at the local downhill track, you could always invest in some tasty kit with pretty much anything plastered on it.

Either this mannequin has a really big head, or the helmet is the most uncomfy ever. Either way, the gold really works with those yellow glasses.

Electric bikes, power bikes, power assisted bikes, pedalecs. What ever you want to call them, they are huge right now in Europe & MTBs are a big part of that market, even the lower end hardtails. One day they’ll be all over the UK marketplace too apparently.

We love the Cube brand and the Two 15 is a fantastic bike, it doesn’t stop it being pretty Euro though, clashing colours that somehow work together.

Tim Wilkey

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