Core Bike 2017 – 2Pure

POC, the Swedish manufactures of quality gear that we like a lot.

I’m a huge fan of their minimalist design choices.

The POC Coron DH lid is their full face offering, coming in three versions with the cheeper option being yours for £440.

I love a bit of British racing green and this Tectal enduro lid fits the bill perfectly. £170 for the Tectal, £190 for the Tectal Race.

These POC VPD Air pads are insanely light, the elbows coming in at just 187g for the pair. We hope to have some on test before too long. £60 for the elbows, £70 for the set of knees.

These pads have POC’s special material on the outside that help reduce resistance during an impact. The idea being that rather than impacting with the ground, these help you slide. It’s said that the same system also helps prevent the pads from being pulled away from the area they are supposed to be protecting.

There are numerous ways to protect your bike these days. This solution from Lizard Skins looks about spot on.

Lizard Skins Danny Mac special edition grips.

These Unior tools seem to be of very high quality. They come neatly packed in these cases, making it easy to keep them organised and to pick up and take away with you. This is the Pro Home set and comes in at £299.

IBIS are known for their frame making, using all that experience they have built up over the years, they’re now producing these fine looking rims. Couple them with Industry Nine hubs and you’ve got yourselves a cracking wheelset.

The IBIS carbon rims come in a variety of sizes, both 27.5 and 29 inch, 29mm, 35mm and 41mm rim widths.

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