Aston Hill Ricochet – Race Report & Podiums

Aston Hill Bike Park doesn’t really need an introduction to be fair, this bike park has been around for a long long time. @firecrest_MTB and Aston hill have a long term connection and has seen some fine riders turn into some very fast racers out on the hill.

The bike park itself is situated in Buckinghamshire, around 40 minutes North of London, Aston Hill Bike Park gives a varied choice of Mountain Bike Trails and a really good range of terrain to work with.
Aston Hill Bike Park has long been recognised as one the UK’s best Mountain Bike Trail Centres, being compact makes it the perfect venue for MTB Skills Coaching with our man Ian Warby, with 5 Downhill Trails, 5 miles of Cross Country (XC), 4x and the Pumptrack. Providing the ultimate MTB Skills Training environment.

From the carnage of the carpark saw this little village of racers, mums dads, food and the smell of bacon and egg in the air! I was in the right place, surrounded by bikes, food, and around nice people!!.

The track it self was a pedally one for sure but it looked like a lot of fun!! I think everyone was in the same……boat so to speak?

19+ Women

1st Marcia Ellis. 2nd Renée Diwell. 3rd Emma Bamfield (had enough of the mud?)

Some fantastic riding by these ladies, always great to see and the friendship they all have is awesome.

U19 Women.

1st Meghan Harris, 2nd Ellen Flewitt, 3rd Tayla Nevard.

Close racing from these young ladies and again great to see the high spirits and awesome pace.

Hardtail Men.

1st Ben Holcomb, 2nd Daniel Beaven, 3rd Matt Collins.

I couldn’t get down to the start on a few of the runs, was catching up with a few people and grabbing some snaps for other customers. Some close racing from the hardtail legends well done boys next time I’ll get you all :-).

Veteran Men.

1st Guy Theron, 2nd Lee Handley, 3rd Lee Nevard

Master Men.

1st Andy Weames, 2nd James Weames, 3rd Ross Searle

Senior Men.

1st Chris Cockrill, 2nd Pete Robinson, 3rd Ben Taylor.

Some fast boys in this Cat, close racing again the winter riding and some training has paid off for some me thinks, well done boys great show old chaps.

Junior Men.

1st Jordan Beighton, 2nd Josh Mead, 3rd Owen Martin.

Youth Boys

1st Sion Margrave, 2nd James perry, 3rd Jeremy Coe.

Juvenile Boys.

1st Tom Shakespeare, 2nd Travis Diwell-Wilson, 3rd Rich Porter.

Ripper Boys.

1st William Tyrrell, 2nd Dominic Platt, 3rd Achill Sweeney.

All these lads are the future of the sport with great energy, awesome to see these little dude’s on the podiums and again I was shooting other things for customers, next time :-).

Even though the weather was awful the atmosphere was awesome and lots of chat going on around the race village, the smell of burgers, coffee in the air was soooo nice I had to have a little break and test one of these tasty burgers for my self!

last but no means least,

Expert / Elite Men.

1st Jack Geoghegan, 2nd Glenroy Martin, 3rd Thomas Davies.

While the carpark shovel legend was making preparations to get people out I had a bit of a clear up and a little bit of down time to my self before the 3hr drive home thanks to the M25!! It was a good day on the hill, a MASSIVE thank you to all the bike shops,sponosurs of the event, catering, marshals, Ian Warby for putting the event on and all the racers that made it in one piece keeping local racing exceptional.

See you all next time people.

Bret Shelfer-Photo // The Riders’

Words and photos – Brett ‘Tree’ Shelfer

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