7’s Bike Check with Joe Breeden

We decided to check out Joe Breeden’s Stunning Intense M16c Downhill rig and get a bit of insight into his set-up and personal custom touches. Check out our 7’s Bike Check below –

joe breeden

joe breeden

rideitout – What is your favourite element of your bike?

Joe Breeden -The rear suspension linkage design (‘VPP’ – Virtual pivot point). It tracks the ground and sticks to the floor unbelievably well and is by far plusher than anything I have ever ridden before.

– Is there a particular type of track or terrain where the bike really shines?

– It is great everywhere, but it really stands out when the going gets tough and it’s fast and rough! She just plows on through no problem haha!

joe breeden

– Do you do any little personal mods to the bike?

Yes, I run one off set bush in the shock, to slacken the head angle by half a degree, which takes it to 63 degrees when riding on the shorter 216mm/10″ travel setting. It lowers the bottom bracket a little. (You can run the rear linkage on a setting where it gives you 241mm/12″ of travel which also slackens and lowers the bike by a fair amount, but I generally run it on the shorter travel setting). I also run a 6mm reach headset to give me an extra 6mm of reach, this takes my XL frame to a wheelbase length of 1271mm, which for me at 6foot2 feels perfect for my riding style. I also run a SAR (Super Alloy) spring on my shock just to save a bit of weight and some Steve Peat signature Crankbrothers Mallet clip pedals.

joe breeden

Intense cycles inc

-What type of training have you been doing this off season?

I have been flat out training this off-season and have had the best off-season to date, with lots of time spent grinding in the lab and in the gym with my coach Alan Milway. I have also spent many hours riding all sorts of bikes – roady, dirt jump, downhill, XC, moto trials and a fair bit of climbing/ bouldering too. A great variation of training to keep things fresh and exciting.

Intense m16c

– Can you sum up your feelings for the 2017 season in 3 words?


– If you had to give a top tip to the youngsters coming through the ranks what would it be?

Believe in yourself! Set short and long term goals that are challenging but achievable and then absolutely grind to achieve those goals, give it everything you got. If your goals don’t excite/scare you then they aren’t big enough! But most importantly enjoy riding your bike and never forget where you came from.

Intense m16c

Intense m16c

Quick fire 7s –
Type of brake pads? – Standard Sram
Brake lever position?  – 2 finger widths away from my grip and set at about a 36 degree angle.
PSI? – Depends on several things: venue, track condition, tyres. But generally I run 23psi in the front and 26psi in the back.
Chain ring size? – 36T
Frame size? – XL
Bar width? – 790mm
Wheelbase? – 1271mm

intense m16cPhotos by Jerry Clelford  JCraces.com

Intense Cycles

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