4X Wednesdays Return to Fort William

4X Wednesdays, one of the UK’s fastest growing and most popular grass roots MTB movements is bringing 4X home to its birthplace in Fort William. Started by Euan Rossi, Scotland’s own 4X ProTour racer, 4X Wednesdays encourages riders of all ages and abilities on whatever bike they have to learn some new skills and make new friends. Combine a friendly atmosphere, an easy going session, music pumping, a few tips from the best in the business and you have #4xWednesdays magic.

“We are lucky enough to have some great sponsors on board who believe in what #4xWednesdays is trying to achieve. We have gone from a few people doing gate practice on Wednesday nights to having over 100 riders along, including some famous names like Greg Williamson and Luke Cryer to offer advice. It’s been a phenomenal response from mountain bikers all around Scotland.”

“This event is a big celebration of 4X racing but comes at a key time. We have just started listing our organization as a charity, and will be using all proceeds from our efforts to directly help get kids into riding bikes and racing in the UK.”

4X began in Fort William, and it only seems right that the biggest #4xWednesdays session yet should take place there. The 26th of August at 4:00pm will see riders come for a free session on one of the best tracks the planet has to offer, with discounted food from the team at Nevis Range, coaching and tips from some of Scotland’s fastest riders, and the 4X World Championships streamed from Val Di Sole. The entire evening will be covered by the team at Descent-World.

Join #4xWednesdays on Facebook. All the details for this event can be found here.
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