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Author Topic: Reccommend me Gloves!!  (Read 2544 times)

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Re: Reccommend me Gloves!!
« Reply #15 on: Jun 04, 2007, 20:48 »
old style sidewinders are the best gloves i have had, i still use them even though i have the newer versions. If you cant find the old ones my new ones seem to be good but i cant really say as i have only worn them a couple of times.

my old ones, but mine are red

New ones also in red

DHR Alwyn

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Re: Reccommend me Gloves!!
« Reply #16 on: Jun 04, 2007, 20:53 »
Troy Lee XC, comfortable, last ages, light, you hands don't sweat. But they don't have much protection.


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Re: Reccommend me Gloves!!
« Reply #17 on: Jun 04, 2007, 21:42 »
I just got some Troy Lee Grand prix gloves off of ebay for £11 new.

They are wicked gloves and are very comfy.
If not go for a pair of 661 raji's. Very airy and comfortable.
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Re: Reccommend me Gloves!!
« Reply #18 on: Jun 04, 2007, 22:24 »
I'm with the old skool Sidewinder lot. My old ones used to curl over like monkey paws when I took them off! The newer ones are a bit rubbish. Mine have a cut in the palm and the plastic bits on the fingers have all come unstuck. And they feel hotter. The new Unabomber glove by Fox looks quite good though. Make sure you try them on first, as the fit felt a bit smaller compared to the Sidewinders.


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Re: Reccommend me Gloves!!
« Reply #19 on: Jun 04, 2007, 22:26 »
another vote for the sombrio forensics ... i has rastas ...

wear them for XC ...super cool .. no more sweaty palms :D
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Re: Reccommend me Gloves!!
« Reply #20 on: Jun 06, 2007, 16:03 »
being a bmxer at heart i am using odyssey and shadow gloves shadow are quite heavey very good for winter and the odyssey are amazing all round gloves i reccomend them

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