Canyon Factory Downhill Team are Go

Brosnan, Cunningham, Wallace and Barel form the all new Canyon Downhill Team and they look like they are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. Check out their Team Launch vid

Monday Moto Vol. 157

Jeffery Herlings needs little introduction. One of the fastest riders in the world and unarguably the greatest sand rider on the scene. But his unbelievable speed takes a lot of hard work. Check out Herlings smashing in some rapid laps ready for the 2017 World Champs

Champéry’s New DH Track Shredded By Vincent Tupin

Champéry's new DH track is fast and flowy and looks perfect for beginners to Downhill or those a little less confident about doing the really tough stuff. Vincent Tupin takes us down the new course built in just 4 days!

Rémi is ready!

World Cup Season is just around the corner and Remi is most definitely looking ready.

wide open with Luca Shaw

Could Luca Shaw follow in the footsteps of fellow American Aaron Gwin? One look at the this vid and you'd struggling not to think so.

Dreamride 2

You don't want to miss this. Mike Hopkin's latest film - Dreamride 2 is a pretty breathtaking piece of work. Incredible cinematography, beautiful locations and inspiring riding.

Hate Winter – Ride Portugal

If you dread the off season and want to carry on riding crisp baked trails then you won't go far wrong with Ride Portugal who are based on the Algarve. Jack Reading and the One Vision Global Racing Team headed out their for a big chunk of this Winter.

Tandem Road Gaps

Hitting road gaps on a Tandem?! If you're gonna be dumb you gotta be tough