Watch – James Doerfling Plowing Ashes

James Doerfling gave up his Rampage spot to help fight the fires that ravaged through BC during the Summer. Pretty satisfying then to see him reclaim the trails from the ashes.

Watch – Kerr Closes Down Whistler

We can't think of anyone better to close Whistler Bike Park for the season. Just another sick Whistler edit, Kerr style, on closing day.

Watch – The Losinj 2018 World Cup Track?

So is this the new Losinj World Cup track? Ziga Pandur of the Unior Tools World Cup team takes you for a ride down the track currently being used for racing in Croatia. Will this be the layout we see come next years World Cup?

Watch – Maxiavalanche 2018 Trailer

Registration for the 2018 series of Maxiavalanche races open on January 5th. MAke sure you get your entries in for these epic mass start marathon races. Check out the teaser trailer for the 2018 series and event details.

Watch – This Mountain Life – Trailer

We cannot wait to watch this in 2018. If the cinematography in the trailer is anything to go by then the full film will be awe inspiring. This Mountain Life lands next year.