No Trans-Provence in 2018

Ash Smith has made the tough decision to pull the plug on the original multi-stage adventure rally event. He explains why in this short video.

Strava introduces the Global Heatmap

It's the ultimate map of big boys and girls playgrounds. Strava brings us an interactive heat map of trails, routes and sports locations around the globe.

Ard Rock Enduro 2018

The date is set for next years Ard Rock Enduro and entries go live on the 2nd November. Find out how you enter here...

Trick Couriers into handling your bike with care

One bike manufacturer has come up with a nifty little way of trying to ensure couriers ship bikes to your door in one piece, rather than looking like they have been dumped off a cliff.

Bike Park Wales Launch ‘Root Manoeuvres’

If you like the sound of a red graded, technical, natural, rocky and rooty trail ‘Root Manoeuvres’ is quite simply going to rock your world! Check out the new trail at Bike Park Wales