Nico Vink Raises Hell

Nico Vink showing us once again he is a boss! Watch him smash it at MTB-park Hurtgenwald, one of Germany's best freeride spots crafted by the man himself. Sit back and enjoy some insanely fast riding, huge gaps and that unique Nico Vink style

Getting Filthy with FMD Racing

The FMD Racing Team have hooked up with Muc Off for 2017 so Tahnee, brother Kaos and Joe Parfitt so the three of them got some laps in to celebrate the new partnership

GoPro Relaunches the Karma Drone

In an increasingly competitive market things didn't go to plan for Go Pro's launch of their much anticipated Karma Drone. After a recall on the drone it's finally re-released

E-Fence Vs Fat Bike

This will cheer you up on a gloomy Tuesday morning. Three blokes attempt to free an Fat Bike from an electric fence. Not as easy as it sounds.

Kicking Up Dust in Champéry

If you're like us then you've probably missed the sight of dust being kicked up by a rear tyre. Well surprisingly Champery is (for now) still a dust bowl. Snow due next week though.


Simon has been a writer and editor for one of the biggest Moto publications in the UK and fondly remembers the days when Downhill Bikes tried to be as heavy as MX bikes. He doesn’t mind admitting he doesn’t live in natural ‘Mountain Bike Country’ in the flat South East but that doesn’t stop him tracking down anything that looks like a hill and riding it. Whatever form it comes in, if it has two wheels and can be propelled forwards, he’ll be interested.