Chris Lazenby

VEE Tire Co. Snap Flow – First Look

Well, it's that time of year again. Off with the summer tyres and on with something a touch more knobbly. We take a look at Vee's Snap Flow tyres for the intermittent conditions

Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #4

Lazy tries out the Cube Bikes Hanzz 190 at the 2018 launch. Get his first thoughts on the downhill oriented all-rounder.

Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #3

The Cube Factory is an impressive place. We took a stroll through to see how they are able to churn out so many bikes to so many countries.

Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #2

285 models and available in 68 countries. Cube Bikes are definitely a force in the cycling world. Check out part 2 of our visit to the Cube Bikes headquarters.

Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #1

Lazy was lucky enough to be invited to the headquarters of Cube Bikes in Germany for their 2018 bike launch. Not one to ever turn down a freebie he headed over there with bells on.

Chris Lazenby

If Chris isn’t at his desk designing houses, or putting out fires he will be out on his bike shredding trails near his home in North Yorkshire. He’s had bikes in his blood his whole life and can’t help but enjoy anything with two wheels. Chris is one of our newest additions to our media team and has been covering races from grass roots to world cups while loving all things ‘Enduro’. He’s our enduro geek. We wouldn’t have it any other way.