Cyclist Levels Bike Thief

Like a Randy Orton RKO this bikers take down of this loathsome bike thief came out of nowhere. The bike did get some damage in the take-down sadly but the satisfaction of taking down a thief in such a brutal move almost makes it worth it (almost!).

Jill Kintner – This is Home

For the latest edition of “This is Home”, we go to the Pacific Northwest to visit Jill Kintner, an athlete of Shimano for over 7 years, and one of the most decorated female athletes on two wheels.

Dark & Dirt – Brendan Howey

Our must watch vid of the day. Brendan Howey's night riding at Sun Peaks Resort makes for a pretty epic watch.

CO2 Cannisters being mistaken for ‘Hippy Crack’

We'll admit this isn't a world we have much experience in but Nitrous Oxide which now has the slang term 'Hippy Crack' is being inhaled for a short high and as a result CO2 canisters used to inflate tyres are now being wrongly thought of as the same thing.

UK Gravity Enduro is Back (Dates and Venues)

With the future of the BDS up in the air for 2018, it's good to see that the UK Gravity Enduro Series is set to return once again under the experienced eye of Steve Parr.

British Cycling looking for new BDS Organisers

It felt like it was inevitable but Si Paton has officially handed in his notice to British Cycling and will no longer be the organiser of the British Downhill Series from 2018, which means a new organiser is on the radar.

28 Days Later

Ok, so no Zombies but there is definitely an eerie feel to this vid as Finn Iles gets Quebec City all to himself with not a soul in sight. Like a giant abandoned biking playground.