So What’s a Plus Trail?

With Bike Park Wales new Plus Trail 'Popty Ping' now fully open we were left wondering what a Plus trail actually is. Let the BPW boys explain.

140mph on the Speed Trap

140mph on a Mountain Bike is sure to produce a little bit of speed wobble but Eric Barone has done it again with another Mountain Bike Speed record. Mental!

50to01’s New Zealand Roadtrip

The 50to01 boys have headed to New Zealand to enter the NZ Enduro and hit some of Jamie Nicoll's favorite shredding spots

Polygon UR Team Launch

The Polygon UR Team have been sunning it up in New Zealand in preparation for the 2017 season. We can think of worse places to get prepped.

Canyon Factory Downhill Team are Go

Brosnan, Cunningham, Wallace and Barel form the all new Canyon Downhill Team and they look like they are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. Check out their Team Launch vid

Monday Moto Vol. 157

Jeffery Herlings needs little introduction. One of the fastest riders in the world and unarguably the greatest sand rider on the scene. But his unbelievable speed takes a lot of hard work. Check out Herlings smashing in some rapid laps ready for the 2017 World Champs