RAW 100 – Anthony Messere

We're tempted to tell you to close your eyes and just enjoy the beautiful sounds in Red Bull's latest Raw 100 vid but we really wouldn't want you to miss the unbelievable flowing dirt jump skills of Anthony Messere

Freeriders BC – Chris Kovarik

Chris Kovarik is a bonafide legend of mountain biking and at 38 years of age still has more speed and style than the best of them. Chris hits up Sun Peaks the only way he knows how - flat out.


You can't beat a raw vid. The sound of tyres on dirt is one of the finest soundtracks. Kirt Voreis takes us on a raw ride down Thrillium

The DJI Mavic Drone

You wait for one state of the art drone and two come along at once. If the GoPro Karma was already in your basket, hold fire. The Mavic is here and it looks pretty amazing.

Maxxis Presents – Rubber Side Down with Remy Metailler

Take a look back at where Whistler Local, Remy Metailler started out and his rise to online stardom, before heading out into the park for more of a downhill based shoot, showcasing his speed as well as his air miles.