How do you make a decent enduro edit? Just shoot and edit the fun bits and call it funduro.

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Berm Bros Rotorua – Episode 2

Matt Walker and Keegan Wright show us one of the new backcountry trails in the Rotorua area the Western Okataina Walkway.

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Pistol Pete Smashes Malaga

‘Pistol’ Pete Williams is the latest addition to One Vision Global Racing. Loamy Media caught up with him to see exactly why he has what it takes.

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The Underground Bike Park

It’s almost hard to believe this is actually real, but the sheer amount of hard work that has gone into crafting this underground Bike Park is incredible. On the Bucket list.

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Thank You, Bicycle

A bit of reflection is always a good thing, so it’s definitely worth reflecting on just how much the humble bicycle has and will continue to give us.

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Fox Head DH Range Launch

Steve Smith, Connor Fearon and Josh Bryceland throw on the new Spring line of Fox Head DH gear and get it dirty.

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Fischbach vs. Slavik – Valparaiso

Really cool side-by-side video of Fishbach and Slavik as they take on Valparaiso as part of the City Downhill Tour.

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Rémy Métailler – Taxco Downhill

More Urban Downhill action, this time with Rémy Métailler taking a run at the Taxco Downhill.

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Cut Media Showreel 2015

Cut Media have put together some amazing edits over the past 12 months, including Danny MacAskills ‘the Ridge’. Check out their amazing show reel.

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UR Team – From the Inside at Valparaiso 2015

The UR Team give us some insight from within the team with their new series. Mick Hannah let’s us in on his day at Valparaiso.

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