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Ben Deakin – Queenstown Shred

Sit back and enjoy one of our favourite Ben Deakin vids we've seen so far as he heads to Queenstown for Crankworx, crashes and beer!

Ben Deakin at the Forest of Dean

Ben Deakin put together this sweet edit of him shredding the DH runs at the vast network of trails at the Forest of Dean (more…)...

Ben Deakin at iXS DirtMasters

Ben Deakin heads to the 2015 iXS Dirtmasters at Winterberg Bike Park and shreds some lines with the likes of Sam Pilgrim and Matt Jones. (more…)...

Ben Deakin – Peaty Crash

It's a couple of years old but check out this vid of Ben Deakin following Peaty at UK Bike Park where he takes a bit of a dive. Even legends make mistakes. (...