12 Comps of Christmas #6 – DMR

We're not mucking around today. You have three opportunities to win with our DMR Comp so make sure you definitely enter this one right now.


La Palma, often nicknamed ‘Isla Bonita’ or ‘The Beautiful Island,’ was the destination of choice for Rémi Thirion and his Brushed Meta AM V4.2 to finish off an excellent downhill season, having achieved a 6th place world ranking!

12 Comps of Christmas #5 – Kore

On the 5th day of Christmas Rideitout gave to me some Kore Mega bars, some Rivera Lock-On grips and a Repute stem combo. It doesn't quite have the same ring to it but you get the point. Enter today's comp now

Monday Moto Vol. 143

Justin Barcia, Weston Peick, Phil Nicoletti and Matt Bisceglia make up the new JGRMX's Suzuki 2017 team. And if this promo is anything to go by they are looking primed and ready for the 2017 Supercross season

12 years old and killing it

12 years old with the much natural talent and little to no fear is a recipe for a future star. Ike Klaassen has definitely got what it takes. Check out just how fast this kid is.

12 Comps of Christmas #4 – BTR

BTR have come up with the goods for our 4th competition of Christmas and they have given us two prizes for this comp. Enter here now!

12 Comps of Christmas #3 – Lowepro

Day 3 of our Christmas Competitions and you could bag yourself a bag (see what we did there?). Not just any bag though. A bag from the best in the business - Lowepro.

Simon Buzacott – Radelaide

Sun, speed and ripping corners apart. Watch Simon Buzacott as he shoots through the local Adelaide trails.